Saturday, Nov 18, 2017

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School starts soon… PANIC!

Parents all over the nation are setting their young adults free for the first time as they go off to begin their higher education. Be warned parents, credit card applications are hiding around every corner of their schools and your kinds are going to be drawn into their trap sooner or later.

Take some time before you send off your kids to teach them how credit cards work and how they can use them responsibly.

Your kids will thank you later in life!

Welcome back students!

Remember to start off the school year right! If you don’t already have one, statistics say you’re going to be signing up for a credit card in the near future. Your bombarded with offers as you walk through the halls of your school at this time of year. Before you sign up for a credit, look around at all the other options you have. The ones being thrown in your face at school are all high interest cards. Use the internet first to research your options before you dive in!

Have a great year!

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10 ways to save $500 each month!

Sympatico via brings us yet another insightful article on how to save money by cutting monthly expenses. The problem is, they assume you are already doing everything wrong with your finances. I could just as easily tell you how to save $1000 a month… by not buying things that cost you $1000 a month!


Unless you live close enough to work to ride your bike and happen to drive your car, or you are willing to give up the family pet, then this article is pretty much worthless.

Cut your spending on household items

Forbes brings us an interesting article entitled Household Items You’re Paying Too Much For which is a great reminder that you can save a lot of money just by buying no-name brands and some products in bulk. Getting out of debt is a process, and following the advice of this article should defiantly be something to consider.

The Library, The Land Of The Free (Stuff)

Your local library isn’t that stuffy old place you were forced to visit as a kid. Today’s libraries are a treasure trove of media and services which are completely free to use. From DVD to geneaology databases, your local library can save you a boatload of money, while helping you pay off your debt.

13 things that are free at the library