Friday, Dec 15, 2017

Calculating What Credit Debt Really Costs You

If you're on of the millions of people carrying debt on your credit cards or with a bank loan, then you know how difficult it can be to pay it off.

The real damage calculates the true cost of a purchase using your own unique financial situation. Unlike most debt calculators, we don't show how much something will cost if you carry the balance on your credit card. We show you how much you will save if you never purchase the item in the first place, and instead used the money to pay down your debt. Reverse the logic, and what we end up with is the amount that purchase truly costs you. What we like to call, The Real Damage.

Knowing the true cost of a purchase, allows you to make informed financial decisions. Which will help you get out of debt, and stay out of debt.

School starts soon… PANIC!

Parents all over the nation are setting their young adults free for the first time as they go off to begin their higher education. Be warned parents, credit card applications are hiding around every corner of their schools and your kinds are going to be drawn into their trap sooner or later. Take some time [...]

Welcome back students!

Remember to start off the school year right! If you don’t already have one, statistics say you’re going to be signing up for a credit card in the near future. Your bombarded with offers as you walk through the halls of your school at this time of year. Before you sign up for a credit, [...]

10 ways to save $500 each month!

Sympatico via brings us yet another insightful article on how to save money by cutting monthly expenses. The problem is, they assume you are already doing everything wrong with your finances. I could just as easily tell you how to save $1000 a month… by not buying things that cost you $1000 a month! [...]

Cut your spending on household items

Forbes brings us an interesting article entitled Household Items You’re Paying Too Much For which is a great reminder that you can save a lot of money just by buying no-name brands and some products in bulk. Getting out of debt is a process, and following the advice of this article should defiantly be something [...]